Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Text To Self-connection

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This precept connects to me because, in gymnastics it doesn't matter what happens to me, it matters how I react to it. In gymnastics I have my backhand spring on a cheese mat with spot , but I don't care if I fall I just care how I react.

This is how this precept connects to Auggie.

In the book Wonder Auggie gets a lot of surgeries. It doesn't matter what happens to Auggie it matters how he reacts to the surgeries.  Do you connect to this precept?


  1. I love your examples! I know you well enough that you're not going to let a few setbacks or failures get in your way. Like so many things, I think your refusal to give up, practice, persistence, and perseverance will eventually help you land a perfect Arabian Double Pike or a Double Front Punch Front!

    Can you believe how strong Auggie is? After more than 20 surgeries, I think I would "give up" and not want to come out of my house. I can definitely learn to react more positively to things that don't turn out the way I want them to. Thank you for your connections, Gisele~

  2. Hi Gisele! I also agree that it is how we react. I think you are a very strong gymnast and even if you fall you will stand up and keep trying!

  3. Hi Gisele,
    I agree that it's important to stay positive, even if something bad happened to you! That way you can keep improving!

  4. If you fall, get right back up and keep trying! Practice makes progress! How you react is very important to you and others. Have you ever thought you can not do something, figuring it out and loved it? I sure have!