Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Second Precept

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Hi my name is Joseph and this is my second percept. This percept Modevates me because you don't have to have a big group.To do something big if you have a small group all you need to Change the world Is teamwork.


  1. You are right Joseph. Look at how our group of student council members changed our playground last year.

  2. Agreed Joseph. I also think that it goes beyond teamwork. I think that it is taking action on your ideas that bring change. Mrs. Dettlinger mentioned the student council changing the playground last year. I winder if that would have happened if the ideas that they created never left their meetings?

  3. Hi Joseph,
    If a group of people have a new idea, why not try to implement that idea? Have you ever worked with a group to change something?

  4. great thoughts Joseph I agree