Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Precept

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This precept describes me because it doesn't matter how small the group is it could still do something big to make us have a better world. I have also been in a small group and we still can figure things out. I was in a small group and we had to figure something out and we did. It all depends on how your group collaborates. But the most important thing is teamwork. Teamwork makes everything better. In Wonder I think it connects to August because everyone is so mean to him and if they work as a team, things will probably be a lot better.


  1. Shailee, I agree! It is not the number of people, but how those people work toward a common goal. I am curious to know what group you were in and what problem you solved? I also wonder if the importance is how well you collaborate or the action you take? A small group of thoughtful, committed learners can have brilliant ideas, but will they ever change the world if they never share their thinking or take action? How will you take action today?

  2. I like the way you told people how the precept describes you.
    Hop you stick your precept.