Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Precept

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The precept that I chose is what motivated me to be helpful to my friends, families and teachers whenever they need help or if they are in trouble, and it also motivates me to never be mean.


  1. I really love this precept, too, Aisha! I think you're a superhero whenever you show your love to your classmates and siblings. I think we can be a superhero every day by our words and actions, right!? I can't wait until Jack Will has an opportunity to "redeem" himself a few chapters later to become Auggie's hero!

  2. Hi Aisha! You are a very kind girl. I know you would be helpful to me and everyone else.

  3. Why be mean when you can be a HERO by being nice? I bet you're very helpful to your friends, family, and teachers.